Mixed Tapes

by Wheelchair Sports Camp

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released March 10, 2011

Stevie Wonder, Peter Frampton, Radiohead, The Beastie Boys, Pretty Lights, J.Dilla, The Beatles, Nirvana, Kalyn, DJ B*Money, Link




Wheelchair Sports Camp Denver, Colorado

Denver's biggest smallest band


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Track Name: 15 Steps
in 5-4 time signature from the miniature
3-2-1 now it’s time to get more immature
we need read more literature
they smell like vinegar
war picketers can’t even show it anymore cus they’re sick of her
black magic, but i’m wickeder
dag nabit, fuck a bigoter
bad habit is a hatchet man savaged tatted like a listener
this ain’t Christopher Williams still some
people need to feel some real shit,
chill so we’ll heal some

competing, beating, reading between the lines
when i’m breathing rhymes
leaving minds feening for the 2nd time
since the screaming 9
8-7- sick shit
this is cake bisquik
tisket a tasket
last maybe on the charts but i’m first on your list kid
twist, kick, move, break,
let’s get and groove shake
give ready for the rude wake
stay fly, live till it’s too late
checking savings in a food bank
leave lunch if you got the hunch
that he might be a loose case
it’s a moose race
can’t ketchup
flustered we want mustard, it’s a set up
gots to get up, get out, get something hip-hop
15 steps then a shear drop

15’s pristine
this means 14 is shortening
lurking 13 overworking
12 hell hours spell yell
when 11’s descending
Ben 10
times 9
8 great lakes
7 levin
6 licks
high 5
4 more
we be
2 Wu
Track Name: Still Night
(the room is so pale
and the night is so still
you can’t begin to know
all the things that i feel)

(welcome to the next level)

turn on the night light
cus it’s bout to gets real dark
in the right life that we living
when the sun sets low
energies at a height
stop to question you might
(what makes the mothafucker so damn fresh?)
who knows, from paint fumes
i’ll sleep when i’m dead
ain’t nothin but a faint bruise already for the night ahead
play my best while the rest buried their night in bed
contrary to them I’m carried to die or ride instead
or guide my threads w/ more style than ten
men profiled in ten pens that couldn’t track my annotations
or relent end of admiration
Laminated my fate n animated animation

(the room is so pale
and the night is so still
you can’t begin to know
all the things that i feel)
(you can’t begin to know
all the things that i feel)

in the still of the night
i find will more to write on a wall
or a pad never steal form to bite
less i steal from a mil than i will
take it like it’s mine
will fake it like i’m lyin
will make it ill when i kill on the mic to rhyme
time to shine my environment alkaline
just a free fellow myka 9
reaching for gold dreams hike the mind
waiting on the regular for some change like a dime
drawing lines just completing the full circle
to cycle trade in the hurtful for exciteful
now life’s delightful with caliber close to rifle
unsigned fame toppling trumps from trifles
broke as a joke and it ain’t cus i paid dues
i swear to jobs it must be the paint fumes

shake it up shake it up
wheat paste it up
throw it up even if you have to make it up
let’s see whose brave enough big time rak it up
want beef in the streets girl you better back it up
day time modest
reclaim the territory my crew goes hardest
regardless any fancy artist
creatively harnessed
top me not likely go ahead tho
and try your darn darnedest
arrested facing felonies for bombing on the wall
legally wipe a whole country with one call
that’s permanent mark
no sand could blast back
to peace in the east no land
could last past
The same way My rhymes long for my beats
My H art forever belongs to the streets

(it doesn’t matter if your gonna stay
it doesn’t matter at all)
Track Name: Electric Worm ft. Acezi
i feel electric yet
there’s self directed hectic bets
that i’ll leave the microphone infected w/ a septic guess
i’ve been accepted yes
tomorrow don’t expect it less
dissected into territories
glory intercepted west
put your phone down
calm your sound and your erected
get some smaller pumps
don’t get me started your neglected dress
needs corrective steps
to calm the nerves turned collective mess
reflected in your ruined movement
faker than injected breasts

(Acezi’s verse)

i cant think of any reason why i’d some problems
i don’t want no problems
i don’t need no problems
i can’t think of any reason why i’d want your problems
too tired to solve one and i don’t need no problems
i cant think of any reason why i’d some problems
i don’t need your problems
i don’t need her problems
i can’t think of any reasons why id want some problems
i don’t need no problems
and we don’t need no problems

(Acezi’s verse)

should probably tell you where we’re coming
i have to tell you

itty bitty hello kitty
there is no other city
with as much or as pretty
mile high above shitty
disagree suck a titty
misery’s company is humpin me
tryin to take a mixtape and bump for free

(Acezi’s verse)

take 10 20 30 steps back
take 50 if you have to we don’t play that
count from 10 9 8 7 6
inhale quick before you bleak life slips
count 11 12 13 sheep
probably need more sleep
right now you reek whores cheap
and make my speak-ers weep
I’m not affected, your tape's long ejected
while i wrecked it learn
the terms of the electric worm
Track Name: Cold Steel
yObama, my moma might be a little crazy
but even she knows that the oil spill is wasting
time of the prehistoric spine and it's lazy
to sit back and blast the east to keep chasing
peace keeps me pacing the future that we're facing
drills though Alaska bet on polar bears racing
they got us right where they want us
heading for each others throat steady tote and that’s how they flaunt us
telling generals and federals all alike that we're fed up
incredible devised plans n nice get ups
it's all a set up food for thought that’s not edible
wack MC’s are on the move like a vegetable
corrections need correcting on levels more than several
cock back blaw killing never felt so got damn incredible

go head and tell me how it feels when u get your record deal
and u get your shiny wheels, wearing tiny heals u ain’t real
i’m too cool for cold steal, too hot for oatmeal
your sneak peaks weak like the old feel
i ain’t a killa tho i’m still learning how to walk
i’ll never be realer than J. Dilla bumping down the block
abuse listeners, n glass lens, get rocked
we independent splendid watch those rims get hawked
here’s a song to sing along i never would have dropped
if it wasn’t for donuts and a rough draft copped
a hat to the back or the side slightly cocked
locked to the pads till the heart-rate stopped
a spirit found not lost the biggest bridge now crossed
the most eminent goal to reach through the boombox at all costs

from the land of the hard workin motor city
bars lurkin right around the corner vacant homes and a large curtain
not a lot of jobs certain they call it slum village
play your cards right or catch a shot get robbed pillaged
their ain’t a rhyme or reason health conditions unpleasing
an MPC and wall of records life’s more appeasing
with stress increasing even on dialysis
he had the boom bap to send cats into paralysis
no more analysis too tough of calluses
amples of samples this is wonderland where Alice is
down to the spinal chord where vinyl’s more when it’s spun
leave em stunned like your staring at the barrel of my gun
the battle’s just begun incurable diseases
Go hard, live and die in LA with a legacy and credible thesis
Track Name: Sgt. Pep
i write for the cause with my paws and no regards
for the laws that they wrote
I'm too sharp for their clause
too large for my bra
too cole for the slaw
u know how i roll I'm too soul for a flaw
too sharp for the point im tryin to make
and i'm too sharp for the stars thats crying n fake
i got 9 rhymes on my waist and 22 lessons
for the fine line behind signs signed do you reckon?
while mine wasnt stepping, my mind was exception
rewind to the time where we find all the questions
expecting us to beat the recession and keep regressing
every second distressing is testing sessions of aggressions
professions got me guessing my college degree
ain't hot enough for corporations wallets n cheese
so mac please ronald donald waddle to another
model follow to another planet vanish
suckle on my knuckle sandwich
got damnit i did it again
i cudnt make through a song without breakin my pen
it's been a hard days night you can't me buy me love or help
and shot gun shells are still bad for your health

I am she
as you are he
as you are me
and we are all together see
take me on a yellow submarine where walrus meets the eggman
strapped with a revolver solved to pump him like a keg stand
my waistband spans fully loaded with more chambers
than shaolins crew wilin on self absorbent gangsters
here's for all the pranksters with rubber soul's supported
at otis reddings wedding steady rockin till deported