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by WheelGrabbers

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    After years of dedicated prep and fresh off a month long national tour to SXSW, the Wheelchair Sports Camp + GirlGrabbers collaboration is out now. This exclusive, limited physical release is available only at select record stores across the USA on Record Store Day 2015. WheelGrabbers is comprised of 15 original beats by the GirlGrabbers (Qknox + Gypdahip) with some ridiculous interludes and hard hitting features. This Denver style mixtape is enough raps to hold you over until the upcoming release of Wheelchair Sports Camp's first full length LP titled NO BIG DEAL, produced by the late Ikey Owens (FALL 2015). Recorded in one weekend at Dryer Plug Studios and released on Dryer Plug Records, WheelGrabbers is about as raw as a shorty could ask for. The leaked single "Hard Out Here For A Gimp" has already been hailed by critics as one of Wheelchair Sports Camp’s sharpest and most heartfelt songs yet. The project has the vital, personal, WheelGrabbin' theme of breaking down misconceptions that attempt to strip the disabled community of it’s sexuality and independence. The album cover features NYC model Jillian Mercado who happens to be one of the hottest wheelchair users in the country.

    1. Intro
    2. Play More _Talk Less
    3. Shake Shake
    4. Fever_Tree
    5. Stairway2Heaven (interlude)
    6. Hard Out Here for a Gimp
    7. Flying Bed (interlude)
    8. Gyp_sy ft. Babah Fly & Lady Speech
    9. Prog
    10. No Turning Back Now (interlude)
    11. The Package ft. Everai
    12. Bicycle ft. Bianca Mikahn
    13. Set Yourself Free ft. Rattlesnake
    14. Come For Me (Lady Speech break)
    15. I Miss You
    16. Turn It Up ft. Acezi
    17. Outro

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Intro 01:32
Shake Shake 03:32
Fever Tree 02:43
no matter where i go…. all eyes on me everyone stop what you’re doing the human’s moving ooh and i breath 1 in many thousands ya thats who i be now i need the whole room to freeze they’re god blessing and me but i didn’t even sneeze on they knees questioning excessively wanna know my life expectancy like it doesn’t get to me get a hysterectomy or life worth living i don’t watch tv, sounds like a gimmick little people living in a big world successful, married couple that have kids?… girl let me guess... they eat dinner too my breath ain’t nothing but an interview not what i did or what i didn’t do learned to exploit all this shit when i was introduced to the game born into lame medical debt brain and body weren’t identical yet we made a hell of a bet hypothetical mess now i give no fucks and it’s incredible yes still Tangled up in the mic cable and not able to eat at high tables or live life stable fit all your right labels but i didn’t get cat called and ain’t complaining at all they’re like kalyn you talk too much shut up you walk too much “is the sex still the same” i’m like “nah boo hush” gave me a little confidence now i got too much Inspirational porn star ahh “my cute wheelchair?” cost as much your sports car look we got enough problems no need for you to call a cop who can’t solve one tis the season get a job taking pics wit santa in the middle of the mall less you’re good at bagging groceries, and pushing carts in the snow freeze good thing for goodwill "oh please" every time i go to a show, i can’t see shit but i park front row But I ain't asking for no pitty then why you rappin so shitty? there’s a stairway to heaven so tell me how the hell we gonna get in? lord knows where, i’m heading it’s hard out here for a gimp (repeat)
Prog 04:23
Outro 02:20


This disc was ONLY available at the merch table but now it's here for the world wide web enjoyment.


released April 18, 2015

beats by the GirlGrabbers (Qknox + Gypdahip)
recorded in one weekend and mixed in a day @ Dryer Plug Studios
released on Dryer Plug Records
cover model Jillian Mercado
Raps by Kalyn O'heff
Trumpet by Joshua Trinidad
Bass by Mike Brown
recorded/mixed/mastered by Chad Saxton




Wheelchair Sports Camp Denver, Colorado

Denver's biggest smallest band

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