Justicen't Right (Remix)

from by Wheelchair Sports Camp

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remixed by DJ MU$A


the sun doesn’t shine on any death row, or skeleton’s bay,
far from an elegant stay
heavier than elephants
pray that the courts don’t read short of the facts
cus it’s been hell ever since
they are the victim
of this culture of violence
not a solution institution, but tyrants
sirens, escort minorities through the city’s
red lights, read the rights, police do the most gritty
work for the business, this billion dollar business
higher crime rates & higher sentence this is
a quarter of the entire world’s incarcerated
land of the free only of 5% of that is populated by us
if in god we trust, then god we must
stop, reverse, wage a war on drug busts
crime pays the bills, luck’s always been tough
but when will enough be enough

independent contractors,conjectured to the private sector, wall street investors
annual trade exhibitions, corrections corporation, conventions, corruption,
construction, pre-paid phone discussion, food supplied not for human consumption,
destruction, magazines, generous, plentiful profits, the health care to death chair market

Pocket for profit, Correct Health care is given all way to the death chair,
inmates work for Target,
Microsoft, motorola, AT&T,
IBM, even Beoing’s largest & Macy’s
Benefits regardless, Dell, Revlon, Hewlett Packard,
for maybe a quarter an hour, bravery staggered
women sexually battered making military helmets
along with bullet proof vests, tags, pants, belts, tents
even ammunition, some are doing life for a socially constructed condition
13th amendment abolished slavery, but only outside of the prisons
not far from concentration camps & Nazi visions
headphones to cellphones, microphones & appliances
speakers, medical supplies that aren’t supplied to them
a colorless world that demands license plates, & paint
justicen’t right justice it ain’t
justice’nt right justice this ain’t

they round up masses of natives, latins, & black men,
transfer public funds to private companies warehouse them
oppressed before ever even imprisoned
starved themselves to death before anyone would listen, listen
go to jail longer for rock cocaine than powder
life’s a ball game 3 strikes and you’re a goner
taken every last honor to give white privileged power
the first black president to silence his phone this hour
11:08 time to occupy the nation
we won’t fuel this economy with alleged crime reservations
each day an echo of the forced day that just past
you, we, I am Troy Davis, let me be the last.

warren hill, marvin wilson, Kimberly McCarthy
this is for mumia abu jamal, leonard peltier, warren mcCleskey, Christian Fernandez & all the other juveniles facing life, Ali Reza mollasoltani, Guantanamo Bay, Sister Carol Gilbert, Sister Jackie Hudson, Sister Ardeth Platte, bobby francis, barry fairchild, geronimo ji-jaga pratt, charles agster and all my disabled’s , allejandrina torres, susan rosenberg, assata shakur, sekou odinga, silvia baraldini, marilyn buck, dhoruba bin wahad, john brown, emma goldman, eugene debs, ruth reynolds, elthel and julias rosenberg, willie darden, sundiata acoli, ADX florence, the ohio 7, David Scalera (Looks Away), david gilbert, kathy boudin, anthony casso, GEORGE JACKSON, marion, FRANK VALDES, Burma, scott norberg, Bill Dunne , Ojore Lutalo , Tre Arrow , Robert Thaxton , Angela M Cesario , Jeffrey (Free), THE Q, John Wade , Helen Woodson, The Cuban Five, Dr. alan berkman, tim blunk, mutulu shakur, Tewahnee Sahme, rikers island, William Gilday, MOVE Prisoners, tent city, calipatria, judy clark, Alvaro Luna Hernandez, Yu Kikumura, James William Kilgore, Sara Olson, Tsutomo Shirosaki, Herman Bell, Sundiata Acoli , Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin , Zolo Agona Azania, Huntingdon, Beaumont Gereau, Joseph Bowen, Marshall Edward Conway, Chip, Ana Gelabert, Robert Seth Hayes, William Turk, David Rice, Anthony Laborde, Ruchell Cinque McGee , Anthony Bottom, Hugo Pinell, Ed Poindexter Grailing Brown, J. York, Freddie Hilton, Russel Maroon Shoats , Herman Wallace, Gary Watson, William Taylor Harris, Byron Shane, Eddie Hatcher, Luis V. Rodríguez, Oscar Lopez Rivera, Carlos Alberto Torres, Thomas Manning, Jaan Karl Laaman, Richard Williams, Albert Woodfox


from Blank Space - EP, released May 15, 2013
produced by: DJ MU$A
lyrics: Kalyn
sax: Abi McGaha Miller
trumpet: Joshua Trinidad




Wheelchair Sports Camp Denver, Colorado

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